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Since the foundation of SCD Architekten Ingenieure in 1991, we have been successfully implementing projects with digital and intelligent applications. With this vision, we became pioneers in the digital planning process.
ZEEB Architekten have enjoyed the full confidence of clients since Jürgen Zeeb founded the office in 1981 and have decades of experience in industrial, residential and municipal construction. ZEEB Architekten were incorporated into SCD Architekten Ingenieure GmbH and have been a branch since April 2021.

We constantly apply these joint long-term experiences of our interdisciplinary professionals in the projects and in the modern BIM planning and processing.
With our network of highly qualified engineering offices and cooperation partners in various fields, we offer you our comprehensive competence for individual and general planning services.
Our office community in Stuttgart includes our subsidiaries EFG Engineering Facility Group GmbH that provide technical building services such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), plus the Planungsbüro Hafner that offer electrical engineering services.


Our history is characterised by growth, innovation, and the continuous development of our services. Here is a brief look through our historical milestones:

1991 – The beginnings:

Our company is founded as “SCD Speedikon CAD Dienstleistungs GmbH Süd West”. As at then, we were already pioneers in the digital planning process. Our vision of executing projects with digital and intelligent applications from the very beginning sets us apart.

2001 – Expansion:

We found our subsidiary “EFG Engineering Facility Group GmbH”, which specialises in technical building equipment.

2002 – New direction:

We redefined our services in the construction industry under the name “SCD Service & Consulting GmbH für das Bauwesen” (SCD Service & Consulting GmbH for the Construction Industry).

2007 – Diverse expertise:

We expand our service portfolio to include Integrated Planning, Building in Existing Contexts, Data Management and Facility Management.

2010 – We remain SCD:

We continue our successful work under the name “SCD Architekten Ingenieure GmbH”. Karlheinz Härle becomes the company’s managing director.

2011 – Portfolio expansion:

We are once again expanding our range of services by adding general planning and project management to our extensive portfolio.

2014 – Relocation due to continued growth:

Due to our continuous growth, we relocated from our compact office location in Ditzingen to Stuttgart-Weilimdorf. Where we work in a large office space together with our subsidiary “EFG Engineering Facility Group GmbH” and our partner office “Planungsbüro Hafner” under one roof.

2019 – Generation change:

We are initiating a generational change, with our long-standing and experienced employees Andrea Buck, Nils Buchmann and Steffen Schmidt joining the shareholder group. Jörg Winkelbrandt assumes the position of managing director together with Karlheinz Härle. This marks a reorganisation of the company’s management and the group of shareholders.

2021 – The family grows:

In April 2021, we welcome the reputable architectural office “Zeeb Architekten” (founded in 1981 by late Jürgen Zeeb) from Weilimdorf as a new branch office in our SCD family. Steffen Schmidt is appointed authorised signatory.

2022 – Generation change completed:>

Hans-Achim Werner and Heiner Wirth take their well-deserved retirement and are no longer part of the company SCD. Sinan Bingöl joins the extended group of shareholders and is also assigned as authorized signatory along with Andrea Buck and Nils Buchmann.


Karlheinz Härle
Executive Director

Jörg Winkelbrandt
Executive Director

Sinan Bingöl
General Manager

Andrea Buck
General Manager

Nils Buchmann
General Manager

Steffen Schmidt
General Manager


Ahmad Akbari

Elma Bajramovic

Seda Bagci

Selin Becer

Dustin Behlert

Lilli Brockmann

Michael Brozio

Eckhard Bürling

Sabine Dahlhausen

Trong Phuc Do

Cemal Düskün

Nefise Eroglu

Martina Frech

Cecile Gosselin-Neubert

Mathias Harst

Martin Herrmann

Eliza Herre

Anne Hügeler

Joe Huynh

Simeon Kafadarov

Nurcan Kilic

Margit Klein

Nadine Kohs

Stefan Kramer

Diana Krastev

Aysegül Melikoglu

Jörg Merkel

Bernhard Müller

Liridon Neziri

Melanie Nowack

Leon Obenland

Ina Schmeiser

Alina Soldu-Becker

Ursula Stampfer

Marijana Stefanov

Georgios Telakis

Michaela Tomeo

Katja Topcic

Karsten Trampitsch

Sandra Wecke

Dagni Wiest

Haotian Yang

Romy Zeides

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We actively apply our commitment to sustainable architecture and the further development of modern planning processes in various associations and organisations.

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